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Rise and Conquer

She arose,The sleeping lioness rose up lazily, As a queen rises from her throne in garments of gold,She aroseFrom her long sleep of acceptance,Her patience in pain,All her hopes in the midst of hostility,This wonder of womanhood stood upright, Ready to take on the hereafter,All those times of being encircled with emotional baggage,All the years of coverings […]

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The Golden Room Of Worship

It was at the earliest dawn,The curtains were transparent and shimmering,With beams from the orange reflection of sunrise,I sat before this glowing therapy of nature.My eyes shut, my hands raised above my headAs I mumbled out praises.  My space was silenced.Silenced by God’s overwhelming presenceIn my GOLDEN ROOM Have you ever felt the need for […]

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Hi Guys, We spend so much money as women on exercise, diet, makeup, hair, clothes and you name it. We do it all to: Raise and maintain our self-esteem Look good to ourselves in the mirror Maintain as much youthfulness as possible Make other women jealous (lol). Keep our husband/man looking at us with that […]

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  The WIP Occurrence Events this past weekend exceeded all result-driven goals because of the Speakers who poured into each and every attendee. I have received so many reports of newly formed collaborative relationships; loan referrals; nonprofit fundraising mentorship. One coach picked up nine new clients. In addition, there were rave reviews resulting from coaching […]

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Why do we need an inflection point?

Infection Point Keynote Abstract:  Why do we need an inflection point?  Women and reality behind the myth that we are “having it all” Jenifer L. Bratter, Department of Sociology, Rice University Why do we need an inflection point?  In today’s world, the status of women is characterized by both great success and expanding vulnerability. We battle the conflicting […]

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