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The Golden Room Of Worship

It was at the earliest dawn,
The curtains were transparent and shimmering,
With beams from the orange reflection of sunrise,
I sat before this glowing therapy of nature.
My eyes shut, my hands raised above my head
As I mumbled out praises.  My space was silenced.
Silenced by God’s overwhelming presence

Have you ever felt the need for an alone time?

Those days when you don’t feel like going out into the world? 

Looking all around, all you seek is just you in an enclosed space with your body relaxed and your mind alert listening in the quiet.

In such moments, you yearn to connect.

To experience the powerful presence of God as He speaks and to pour out all fears, unhappiness, needs and the tiring guilty weight you carry just because you refuse to apply one simple rule of life; let go, and let God.

When we personalise a space in our home and call it the golden room for worship, we unintentionally say that God owns that space and it is in that place we find succour from being in his presence.

Although the presence of God doesn’t need a physical space to be experienced, yet, it is human nature to desire to create an atmosphere fit for praises. 

Worship is more than sounds and singing. God can make you feel him in silence. He can move you to tears in the quietness of your comfort zone. He only needs you to listen and He will speak in the silence of your heart. 

You will through tears and worship be moved to a mountain of praises and testimony. You will see God in ways you never thought possible because you created a Golden room of worship not just in your home, but in your heart for Him.

Praise Him in the heights and the depths of your life today.