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Do We Believe In Women’s Empowerment Behind Social And Economic Development?

The development of the world has been exponential all across the world and there is no looking back. The prosperity of every aspect of the world has been more prominent due to multiple developments bundled together, be it technology or equality. However, is there anything that we are missing in the credits? Believe it or […]

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Do you have me time?

In many countries, women are playing vital roles in both their professional and domestic life. Women are working in every field of profession including medical, technology, food, media, arts or business. There is not any field in the world in which women are not working. Women are spreading wealth and maximizing the quality of life […]

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Emotional Intelligence: What is it, why you need it, and how to get it for ultimate success

What is emotional intelligence (EQ) and why do you need it to be successful? Experts confirm that your EQ is more important than your IQ. It’s the best predictor of your success, the quality of your relationships, and your overall happiness. Why do more than 90% of the greatest leaders have a high EQ, how did […]

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Hi Everyone, Well, we’re in the center of the holiday season.  And to be sure the holidays are the busiest times of the year.   With that being said, consider this:  There may never really be a time when hustle and bustle are not a part of our days.  That’s not a bad thing in and […]

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