Our History

Our History


Committed to Service (CTS) has a third generational foundation that has manifested itself through servant hood acts that benefit individuals desiring to turn obstacles into opportunities, and long desired dreams of financial success into a reality.

CTS legacy started with my grandmother, a minister’s wife in the mid-1940s, in Franklin, Louisiana name Augustine Flowers-Wells. This legacy continued with my mother, Rosa Wilson beginning in 1970 providing not only clothing, food, furniture, shelter, toys for families, but primarily praying for the sick and other prayer requests as well. In 1986, Rosa Wilson started a Prayer Group at Southwest Administrators (SWA). Out of that grew what is now called “Committed to Service Ministries at Southwest Administrators.” The group met once a week to pray for the growth and success of the company, for healings or whatever prayers were needed for the employees. She visited sick relatives of co-workers who were in the hospital and prayed for them.  She supplied financial tokens of love and supplied other needs requests when possible. Her spiritual gifts of prayer and healing reached family members of co-workers beyond California. CTS Prayer Groups were form in the following Cities and States (last update 2013): Alaska: Barrow; Alabama: Birmingham & Tuscaloosa; Arkansas: Fort Smith; California: Aurora, Los Angeles, Corona, & Oakland; Florida: Tallahassee; Georgia: Decatur; Illinois: Chicago; Indiana: Indianapolis; Louisiana: New Orleans & Ruston; Maryland: Suitland; Michigan: Detroit; Mississippi: Mosspoint; Missouri: St. Louis; Nebraska: Omaha; Ohio: Cleveland; Neveda: Las Vegas; North Carolina: Greensboro; Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston & Gainesville; Virginia: Berryville; Washington: Lynwood, Renton & Seattle. Resulting from the growth of the nationwide Prayer Requests and Prayer Groups, a National Prayer Conference was established and hosted Annually under the name of Committed to Service.

In addition, CTS businesses were formed: CTS Real Estate Services and CTS Consultants Firm and now the Signature Event of CTS, ‘Women’s Inflection Point’ (WIP).

CTS is expanding and enhancing that vision to empower Women around the world to experience a Wealth-based Lifestyle that also results in generational wealth for families and generations to come through its WIP platform. My late dad, Jordan H. Wilson (deceased May 18, 2013) laid a 50-year road map to that lead to intergenerational wealth for our family. Our family desires to share that story to encourage, empower and entice others to follow the road map.

By: C. Renée Wilson