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Self-Actualization- Reaching Your Full Potential

At times, sentences can be more painful than sticks and bricks. When we make hurtful comments about ourselves, words become more damaging than sticks and bricks. Negative self-talk will kill you. Bricks and blocks will break your bones, but negative self-talk will destroy you. The top three methods for better self-talk are mentioned below.

#1: Stop talking about “Have To,” “Would,” and “Can.”

Women hate feeling guilty, but we meet the “haves” of our lives before indulging in enjoyment, and they sometimes do not consider themselves as a “have” or “must” in their own lives, but they focus on and satisfy all else but themselves. Laundry should not have to be completed on weekends, contrary to common opinion. The weekend is a two-word expression. Your week has come to an end. Use this time to get away from the “shoulds” and “haves” of your life to focus on the things you want to do, such as all the things you “missed out on” or “wish you could do.”

#2: Stop reminding yourself that everything must be perfect.

Perfection is a personal thing. As a result, you can never attempt to be flawless for someone or something. If you spend your entire life striving to be better for someone, you will never be perfect for yourself.

 Don’t spend your time pretending to be someone you aren’t or something that doesn’t exist. Your Mind and body will go one of two directions if you strive towards perfection.

Rather than aiming toward perfection, strive for self-actualization. Self-actualization is the process of realizing one’s true potential. You’re always thinking about how you can improve and develop. Culture, Mind, and Body satisfaction will all be found by searching for self-actualization.

#3: Recognize that life isn’t black and white.

I understand because you don’t have time for it. I don’t know either. However, the truth is that we are both living about black and white at the moment. Working out does not have to be 60 minutes or 0 minutes; it does not have to be anything or nothing. Working out in the middle of the kitchen to a ten-minute app on your tablet is always exercise counts. 

 When you think differently, you open up more doors of opportunity, doors you can’t even imagine right now because you’re unaware they exist. Talk yourself into tones of grey instead of black and white.