Author: C. Renee

female employment

Equity & Inclusion of Women – Increasing Female Employment by the Numbers

Putting aside the mandate of equal opportunities in the workplace for a moment, recruiting more women makes good business sense. A decade of study by some of the world’s most prestigious think tanks – Carnegie Mellon, London School of Business, Columbia University – shows that recruiting women into critical positions has quantifiable benefits. However, many […]

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How to Improve Your Emotional Wellness and Live a Happier Life

Your emotional wellness affects all aspects of your life, from your daily activities and your work, to your relationships and your mental health. It allows you to handle the curveballs constantly thrown at you, which is why you need to improve it! 1. Change Your Outlook on Life According to experts, people with strong emotional […]

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Women In Orange

Orange; a unique word which doesn’t just represent a colour, but one of the healthiest fruits mankind possesses. However, the same can’t be said about the women who wear orange and stand behind iron bars never knowing what the future holds. These women are labelled criminals, made to do time for a crime they may […]

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