2021 Tour

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WIP & ManCave Event

Come Back Better, Sharper, Smarter

Houston, TX

June 25-26, 2021

Cleveland, OH

August 20-21, 2021

Las Vegas, NV

October 15-16, 2021

Women’s Inflection Point (WIP) is a non-profit educational and result-driven platform that supports Women in creating their success path to achieve positive, “dramatic change,” in attaining one’s desired Wealth-Based Lifestyle organically.

Inflection Point

An ‘Inflection Point’ is an occurrence that results in dramatic and significant change!

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By: Trinity

My Mom (Rosa) sat listening while her Mother (Augustine) depicted stories
of ancestral dowries and land orders.
In a deafening moment She decided to recreate generational history
starting with her.
In all her glory of being a Woman.


In all her glory.
She prayed for my (C. Renée) seed with a different need of independence.
One that depended my decision to enhance my beginnings and recreate our legacy.
Waited for the sunrise to bless my face with the warmth of change
Opened up my dreams and invested in my destiny.
My Journey…, I must Share and help others…, It’s my purpose…….

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Women’s Inflection Point (WIP) is a non-profit and result-driven entity providing Women a success path to organically achieve “dramatic and significant change” to reach maximum potential in each of their life cycle stage. WIP focuses on three (3) tiers of the Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs pyramid:  Philosological (wellness), Safety (real estate/financial options) & Self-Actualization (full potential).

It’s Me Time: Women’s Inflection Point’s Signature Event. The events and collaborative relationships will cultivate result-driven strategies that facilitate ‘Inflection Point’ occurrences that propels a Woman to reach her maximum potential in all areas of life with a concentrated focus in three key areas: health, wealth & self. Educating and heightening the awareness and importance of nurturing various key dimensions of wellness is a vital pathway to reach one’s full potential. WIP cultivates, educates and heightens awareness through the utilization of coaches, consultants, counselors, speakers and vendors through a unique collaboration designed that provokes unleash latent potential. To create Inflection Point Occurrences that are vital pathways to help women understand why its vitally important to designate intentional ‘Its Me Time’ for themselves. The platform is designed to pause the treadmill of life for a 1.5 day to host Women from all cultures to trigger Inflection Point Occurrences that result in necessary Tipping Point realization, mobilization and execution.

ManCave: The Mancave Conference provides an opportunity to Enrich & Empower men in several areas that are critical to success. Men are able to express themselves on subject matters such as Mentoring, Fatherhood, Relationships, Spiritual Connectivity & Family DyManics while at the same time grow & learn in Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Wealth and Health. The inclusion of ManCave on the WIP platform is critical because men touch out lives in so many ways. Therefore, having an opportunity to impact the lives of men also was very important to include.

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