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The Super Woman’s Rota

It is safe to say that for several years now, the role of career women who take on motherhood has been an increasingly ambitious feat. The 9 – 5 hour job coupled with tending to children and a home as well as try to keep the hubby happy has been quite a challenge for them. They are the superwomen in that regard.

It’s a wonder sometimes to see how these women go through all this and are still able to appear sane and in control despite feeling an inner weight. 

This is why as a woman and a mother, you can do more for yourself by taking a breather sometimes and just listening to the needs of your mind and your body. 

Don’t live by the slogan that says, “Where do I find the time?”

Truth is you can’t find the time to stay fit, healthy and relaxed. You take STEPS to make it happen by;

  • Making time to sit quietly alone with nothing more than a glass of wine and low music in a quiet room so your mental state gets relaxed. Away from calculating deadlines or hearing the constant rants of children all around.
  • Taking the time to step into a yoga mode and help your anatomy get the right framing. Do the stretches and the Pilates just so you don’t develop a stiff and achy body due to the work overload.
  • Being financially literate as a mother. Understand what it means to budget, to save for projects personally and with your partner. Be concerned about how the family spends money because in doing so, you avoid creating very high financial targets that could cause bankruptcy. 
  • Going out with new acquaintances and just mingling with friends. Don’t spend all your time playing career woman and doing house chores only to discover you have lost the will to socialise. Make this a must in your routine.
  • Making time out for a nap, if you knew what happens to the body after an hour of no activity or consciousness, you would know that for a woman with so many activities on her daily schedule, sleep is her survival meal ticket. 

Finally, do medical check-ups on a quarterly basis. Did I mention that the day you decided you wanted the best of both worlds, was the day your body confessed its capacity to adjust? All you need to do is keep the engine running with constant oil changes. This is where the check-ups come in.

So, to all the superwomen in the world, you are special. Never take yourselves for granted.

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