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Hobby To Hustle Kinda Girl

Maria Taylor is what the modern world would call a daydreamer. The carefree girl who believes too much in fantasies and fails to see the harsh reality of life which is; “you have to follow the trend to get ahead.” 

Her will to be different is what stands her out. She works with a mindset; “what’s the joy in working so hard at something your good at but don’t have a passion for, when you can work hard at something you love, enjoy it and be great at it.”

This is why she carries a funny brooch pinned to her chest which says; “I am a hobby to hustle kinda girl.”

Now here is the story. Maria worked as a sales representative at an engineering company for 9 years.

She woke up one morning, sat in front of her computer and BOOM! Her resignation letter was typed and sent.

She had an epiphany that morning. It was a wakeup call to the fact that her life needed a turnaround and her passion as a cleaning and organising freak needed to go beyond her home and bedroom.

People needed a taste of my obsession,” she thought. They needed to feel her skills and in turn, she needed to break away from the redundant four walls of the office and the constant bossiness from the boss.

So, she put on her thinking cap and coined up ideas on how to make her service sort after and stand out. Creating all the perks she could put into her hobby and guess what? She discovered her brain was a powerhouse of ideas just waiting to EXPLODE!

Today, after over 6 months of hovering around and selling her ingenious ideas to clients and partners, she is her own boss.

Maria has a small shop downtown where she delivers compact services of house cleaning, interior decor, building gardens and so much more. In a nutshell, Maria is a brand today.

Truthfully, it’s never easy to take the first step; in fact the more you look at your hobbies, the more you have doubts if it can fit into the labour market. But how will you know if you don’t even try?

Ditch self-doubt and just go with it. I challenge everyone, every woman who is afraid to try. Make your hobby your daily hustle and see the difference. 

You won’t only enjoy making money doing what you love, but you will make money and still feel comfortable knowing you didn’t miss out on the exciting parts of life.

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