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mogul minded woman

The Mogul-Minded Woman

As she got into my car weeping,
I took a moment to comfort her,
She wept for being a helpless widow,
Three kids and yet nothing to her name,
She wept…

Compliments are the one thing women appreciate which is nice, although, a pretty face is never enough to get ahead. Married or single, your role needs to be appreciative to the people around you; in short, an asset is what counts in any transaction, this is what you ought to be. 

As a woman in a business, always bring your A-game and be resourceful just like in a marriage, no partner desires a liability. There is a reason you are a partner; you need to be as helpful as the other person. So be an income producer; someone who raises good investment and strives to secure a great future for herself and those after her.

It’s all about having a good asset initiative to set you up for life. In the gender equality struggle, it’s not just about women actively participating in politics and global issues; women need support in terms of financial inclusion. Background or marital status should never count; what matters is a strong backup.Asset initiative takes a lot more than owning properties and amassing wealth with a name tagged to it. It’s about investing and building a brand to boost income level, upscale workforce and securing a stress-free life.

Picture a woman who knows her onions or as they say, a lady who understands an opportunity and grabs it at the first watch. She will be leaving footprints as an asset to her family, herself and her generation. It takes wisdom, hard work and commitment to pull it off and above all, vision.

She needs to be a risk-taker whose eyes are on the price because; sourcing for investment can’t come in isolation. Partnerships need to be established where;

  •  Family support is the first baseline for growth;
  •  Seeking out the best grant offers for a long term plan is involved;
  •  Banks might be a big risk, but, they can’t be overruled in the pursuit of big investments;
  •  A business to business partnership can be a great support plan to build an alliance for a joint asset initiative plan.

In the end, building an empire that will outlive you is the target. When the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Arden, Coco Chanel, Martha Stewart and Madam Walker come to mind, these are the wompreuers who took on the challenge of sourcing and spending money to make money and today, dead or alive, their legacy is the guideline for today’s women who desire to be independent, confident and dependable.

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