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A Deficiency That Exudes Success

The saying; if life gives you lemons, make lemonade remains one of the most honest realities to having a successful life.

Growing up, I heard this statement a dozen times; it sunk into me.

It tells you that; there is no such thing as bad situations; there are rather, bad decisions.

As a woman, having low self-esteem due to a deficiency and hearing people remind you about it, cannot be tagged a horrid situation. 

Fine, I lost the use of my legs or an arm from a drunk-driving accident with friends after we clubbed all night. It was a decision that led to a bad situation. But, it’s your recovery that counts. How do you intend to make things right and do things differently?

Why the self-pity when you could use your story to stand out and change lives. Lots of women give up and cave in just because their bad choices left a permanent imprint in their frame. 

Big deal!

Speaking to all the mentally and physically challenged women globally; how are you using your present condition to make a difference in the world today? In fact, what’s your impact on the economy despite your situation; are you financially secured?

Don’t wait for hand-outs; spark up the world economy by coming up with something original for women and people to connect into.

Imagine meeting the needs of women physically deficient in some way;

  • Provide a clothing line of designs for them.
  • Create mobility autos for their easy and quick commute. 
  • Lead the way to a custom-made fitness gym for them to feel just as agile as any other.
  • Ladies with albinism or vitiligo (Skin discoloration) should come forward with special sunscreens and skin glow products to boost a brand and attract audiences to their skin type. Give women who desire to be runway models or billboard faces, confidence in their skin.

Those voices of doubt that say you can’t fit in are the pessimists that fear the power of success and recognition.

Every challenged woman is the way they are for a purpose. You are the hope of your kind.

Remember, the lemonade didn’t make itself. There were processes and ingredients involved. 

So, bond with the sisterhood of challenged women and together build a formidable force for gender equality to cover all women whether abled to disabled.