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JOSH: What happened to us?

BETSY: What do you mean?

JOSH: Look at us; we quarrel half the time over nothing, you seem so distant lately.

BETSY: Josh, I don’t know where this is going. If you are brewing for a fight, I give up.

(He drags her arm and brings her close as they share eye contact.)

JOSH: What happened to the passionate kisses we would share whenever I got home from work? The nightcaps? Betsy, I miss the way we use to be.

BETSY: (She shrugs) How about you tell me what happened to the romantic man I thought I married? Your promotion came more like a curse than a blessing. 

(The shock of her words, made him release her arms and with the hurt, he walked out the door leaving her staring ahead, hurt also.)

A woman doesn’t become cold and unfeeling overnight; there is always a tale to every story. So, where does it all begin? There is a belief that the first 2 to 3 years of marriage are the best and only whirlwind years for couples. The passionate, romances and dreams of having a perfect life are all framed even better than a family portrait. 

Couples yearn for these moments to last but these beliefs seem inescapable for some reason. Truth, the courtship before marriage is usually taking for granted. It begins with, the love at first sight, chemistry or physical attraction as most like to call it which if thought deeply is nothing more than a facade. Attraction; though necessary in finding a partner cannot suffice for real love which comes from understanding, recognizing and being patient.

Now, to the road less travelled; can romance and love in a relationship be defined as the same?

No, instead you could say you need romance to boost love in a relationship, but, love is never enough to show romance. Look at it this way; BETSY and JOSH have everything most couple desire; money, comfort and kids. Still, seven years together didn’t take away the loopholes in their marriage. A void so obvious yet they were both too proud to admit it. Josh wants the hot/passionate woman he married; where did she go? Betsy had become stale and grumpy from years of un-nurtured passion. Josh, on the other hand, wrapped up in career goals and financial security forgot the little things; red wine and chocolate surprises, loving whispers even in a crowd, taking her for candlelight dinners or even movies; just keeping the love booming with the little things.

These are the experiences needed to relive any marriage sworn to a lifetime of love and loyalty.

Josh and Betsy are like millions of couples who refuse to see the way forward to a successful marriage by, keeping the romance alive. Every woman needs a man to make her confident in her passionate side. In ticking the right boxes, a woman can become a bundle of romance and love for any man to rush home to.  Women need to be open to their partners about what’s missing in their love lives. 

Love can only take a relationship thus far but romance can keep you both young and connected for life. 

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