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shaming the shamer

Shaming The Shamers

Taming is the act of detaining the tainter,
This is my motto every day,
It takes a will of iron to look trouble in the face and say;
Welcome! I awaited you coming,’ then soliloquising,
Your inner human says; ‘I will not be beaten down this time.’

But she never had the guts,
They say like an elephant at the brink of birth, she goes
They jeer at her protrusions; speak in her presence of absence. 

Her struggle to detain the tainters has proven disastrous,
No one cares of her struggles,
They see the weight without seeing the wanes,
Wanes of low self-esteem
Her garment of smiles worn over an undergarment of Slight,

Slight from life’s’ painful memories, Suddenly…
She finds an inner warrior saying,
Beat them down at their own game for,
The best way to kill a rat like a good hunter,
Set the ultimate trap.’
So, fierce now, she is set to shut them down.

The shamers,
Trapping them in their nest of cruelty,
Ignoring their scoffs,
Boosting her confidence,
This time, she stares trouble in the face.
Her smiles come with a glowing fire,
Dressed to impress, she would go with new acquaintances,
Walking on her own sunshine and feeling bold,
She didn’t just shame the shamers,
She beat down her demons of denial,
Bracing for a better self,
Her weight became her whelm.