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Everyone can’t just jump in their cars and take off for the weekend. The thought of just hopping a plane or train for the weekend to relax at a favorite resort or beach seems even further from reality for a lot of people.  But you still need some me time. How do you get it? What can you do for some me time? First of all consider short excursions twice a week or even once a month. Here are a few suggestions. 

  • Get a manicure and pedicure – as a combination they cost less than $50.00 at most places. If you can’t do them both, do one or the other. Still can’t swing it, get out your foot tub and put some nice hot water in it and soak those tired feet. You’ll relax and probably even fall asleep.
  • Go shopping for some clothes. (You don’t have a lot of money for new clothes. No problem)
    • In the stores there are excellent items in the clearance isles.
    • Don’t forget all the beautiful clothes that are hanging up in the thrift stores.
  • Don’t feel like looking for clothes? I feel ya.
    • Take those dollars to the dollar store and slowly walk through it.
    • Don’t forget there are Five Below stores all over the place.
    • Then there’s the greeting card isle in all the stores. Just take your time and read the cards.
  • Too tired to leave out of the house. I know what you mean. Grab that cup of coffee or tea and get that book, sit down on the sofa or kitchen chair and read it, sipping your beverage. Enjoy it.
  • At work during the day or the kids are off on an extended break. I understand that, too. There are some things you can’t get around.
    • When the kids are in bed for the night, take just a half hour-30 minutes and put on some soothing mood music, the kind  you like. Turn off the lights in the house and just sit back and listen to it. Enjoy how relaxing the dark can be.

I started yawning just thinking of these relaxing routines. I’m sure you have some to share with us, too. Whatever does the trick, do you. I’ll talk to you later. It’s time for me.

C. Renee