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Senior woman exercising in park

Well, it’s April and the spring season is here. Depending on where in the country you live spring is a bit late. Some of us still have snow on the cars and grass. No matter, the spring makes you want to take deep breaths and stretch your whole body and say to yourself, “Let do something different. It’s been a long winter.”

With that in mind let’s spring into action as the flowers bloom:

There are many who don’t do New Years resolutions because they just don’t want to. That’s fine. Try making a realistic spring and summer resolution –

  • Can’t make the gym 5 days a week, don’t have the money to buy that super turbo equipment for your home, or even a treadmill or stationary bike. I understand that. Try getting outside and walk a block or two. Some of us haven’t walked anywhere but from the house to the car. So, we’re kind of rusty. Take the cell phone and earplugs and walk just a block or two at least two days a week while you listen to some music or an audio book. You’ll get to liking that little time alone to regroup and before long you’ll cover a few more blocks. It’s a start and it helps to discipline you. In about a month those ‘missing in action’ leg and arm muscles will have awakened and start helping you out. Remember it’s your time, do you. Studies show that a little activity is better than none for obese and sedentary individuals as well as persons with health issues like arthritis. Check out the link below:


  • For people with health issues that make it hard to walk or stand and exercise, you’re not alone. There are exercises that the elderly and disabled person can do while sitting down. I like that one. There are even exercises for the hands and arms while sitting. Remember some movement is better than none at all. View the links below:



Remember, Spring has sprung it’s time to do you. 


C. Renee