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It’s interesting when speaking about taking time for oneself, that some might think a trip to the Bahamas (which ain’t bad) is the only way to take time.  Of course that’s a great trip to go on and unwind and relax. One might even think that a trip to Myrtle Beach is the only way to achieve real me time. That ain’t bad either.

African American woman drinking coffee looking out the windowBut, even as I write this post, I am sitting near my huge door wall window with it cracked open a bit, feeling the cool morning breeze.  I live near a forest area. A doe and a fawn went running by.  I smiled. A grey baby rabbit came to the window looking in. I could tell that it had been accustomed to someone giving it something to eat. 

I see someone walking their dog near the forest this early morning.  It’s cute, because the dog has a kerchief around its neck. The owner looks deep in thought. I am reflecting on me time, too.  Consider the following:

  • Me time is just that; time for you
  • It may be as simple as sitting looking out the window a half hour before the family awakes
  • Me time can be playing music that you like while cleaning out your junk drawer
  • Believe it or not, me time can be walking through the supermarket looking at things that you don’t normally shop for
  • Me time can be standing in front of a mirror trying on some of your clothes and seeing how you look in them these days

That trip to the Bahamas is great. Watching the sunset on Myrtle Beach is fantastic. Until then, make me time simple and relaxing.