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Often, when speaking of me time the connotation is to think of women in general and moms in particular.  However, men require me time, as well. Here are a few points from an article that appeared in The Good Men Project online magazine. 

A man with a hat relaxing on a bench by the ocean.

“It’s in the quietness of solitude that a man can really see and hear himself; see where he is at in his life at that time and listen to what’s going on with himself emotionally.”

  • A man can evaluate his self-worth by spending quality time with himself.
  • Whether it’s a physical man cave or a man place he retreats to, he has to get alone with himself.
  • Me time helps a man to see himself for who he really is and it also helps him to hear himself. He can see where he is in his life at a particular time and hear what’s going on emotionally inside of him.
  • Alone time helps a man get in contact with “the little boy inside of him”

Little boy and girl

When a man is quiet and relaxed, somewhere that he doesn’t have to be at his professional best, he can ask himself the one question that’s necessary: “What’s going on with me?”

Online reference:  https://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/why-a-man-needs-one-on-one-time-with-himself-dg/

C. Renee