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Hi Everyone,

Well, we’re in the center of the holiday season.  And to be sure the holidays are the busiest times of the year.  

With that being said, consider this:  There may never really be a time when hustle and bustle are not a part of our days.  That’s not a bad thing in and of itself.  A very wise woman who I know once said to me, “Be glad that you’re still needed.”   It took me time to understand what she meant.  Then I looked at her life as it was. She had raised her children, she was a widow, a grandmother and a great grandmother. She spent a lot of her time alone in her home with her two finches. She kept herself busy by doing of all things, school work.  She taught herself Algebra, typing, and other subjects that the kids today learn. She even has an iPhone that her children gave her and she plays games on it and takes pictures of her family. Her body is slow, but her mind is sharp.  

Posing for Christmas photo

What I am saying is that being needed is wonderful.  The holiday seasons bring that into focus. We’ve all made plans to spend this really special time with our families, friends, and relatives.  We run here and there making stops for gifts, wrapping them, listening to Christmas music, reflecting on the real meaning of Christmas, laughing and even sometimes crying.  It can take its toll, and be very stressful, and before we know it, we’re looking for that ‘snatch’ of alone time to regroup.  You’ll get it, and I’ll get it, too, I’m sure. I like to take out my little holiday movies and watch them with a cup of hot tea. You might prefer eggnog. Remember, do you.  I like “It’s A Wonderful Life” and  “Home Alone” and “Scrooge.” You may like the Fast and Furious series of movies during the holidays. Do you.  Whatever it is, enjoy this wonderful time of the year with family and friends.  Because when it’s all said and done, family is really all we have.  So, make this time of year your ‘me time with your loved ones.’  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!