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Emotional Intelligence: What is it, why you need it, and how to get it for ultimate success

What is emotional intelligence (EQ) and why do you need it to be successful? Experts confirm that your EQ is more important than your IQ.

It’s the best predictor of your success, the quality of your relationships, and your overall happiness. Why do more than 90% of the greatest leaders have a high EQ, how did they develop it, and use it to their advantage. 

Experts also suggest that an individuals can learn: 

  1. the Four areas of EQ that affect one’s your ability to succeed; 
  2. to systematically develop EQ for greater influence and impact; 
  3. how to apply EQ to improve one’s physical and mental well-being, relationships, and your self-confidence; and 
  4. to use EQ to your advantage to break through to the success you desire and deserve! 

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