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In many countries, women are playing vital roles in both their professional and domestic life. Women are working in every field of profession including medical, technology, food, media, arts or business. There is not any field in the world in which women are not working. Women are spreading wealth and maximizing the quality of life for themselves and their families. Evidence proves that giving economic resources in women’s hands is the perfect way to expedite development and minimize the poverty around the world. 

The Women’s Empowerment secret is simply the Women Lifting Women! When women stand together and work together they can achieve the highest point of anything they chose. Empowerment means the act of improving the status of women through raising the voice, by spreading education, by literacy education and by working smart. There should not be any gender discrimination, male and female both have equal rights and if they can be differentiated it would be only on the base of education and literacy. 

Did you know, almost one-quarter of girls in the developing world do not attend school? Usually the families which cannot afford the school fees, uniform and books, its preferred boys go to school and girls to work for their home, washing clothes, carrying water and cooking food. But if girls’ education were prioritized, the world’s economy would accelerate.

A woman should be strong enough that she can defend herself and soar above any undesired circumstance. The self-worth of a women should never be determined by the opinion of anyone else. A mentally and emotionally strong women will never allow anyone to degrade and discourage herself, she stays strong whatever the circumstances are around her and WIN! 

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