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Do We Believe In Women’s Empowerment Behind Social And Economic Development?

The development of the world has been exponential all across the world and there is no looking back. The prosperity of every aspect of the world has been more prominent due to multiple developments bundled together, be it technology or equality. However, is there anything that we are missing in the credits?

Believe it or not, irrespective of how confident a picture you are shown regarding women empowerment and gender equality in this present era, there is still an imbalance. Result? Sustainable development and economic parity are slow on the cards.

So, what does it take to inculcate women empowerment, to proclaim gender equality, and practice it? And how does it help in the sustainable development that we have been long striving for?

These are some deep questions that we need to find answers so that we propel sustainable development with humanity and equality.

Why is women empowerment important?

The trait of being gender biased is planted deep in the society. This is changing, no one will deny the fact, but until we speed up the transformation, sustainable development will lag behind in many aspects.

Want to know why women’s empowerment is such a key element here?

Women can bring a new perspective to the table.  Having women in every hierarchy of a business (entrepreneurial as well as executive level) brings a much-needed change. They have a different perspective than we have known for years. Plus, if they get a chance to put forward their opinion, they will surely express themselves more freely and bring effective solutions.

Women can trigger a change.

How much have you known about bringing a change in the way natural resources are being used? Forget natural resources, people barely have any ideas about the management and entrepreneurial skills that women possess. Think of the very little opportunity that women have got, and then consider the way they have managed to stand out.

If you want an example, take a look at the list of World’s Most Powerful People by Forbes (list of 100). You will see quite a few women making it up the list. The list does not end there. Pick up any list of influential people around the world in the last half a decade, you will notice women doing great.

Let the voices of women be heard.

Women play a key role in sustainable development. However, we can only realize their potential once we see what they are capable of. They have always managed to seize the opportunities that come their way, be it the small cottage industries in remote villages or the massive corporate entities around the world.

Let’s drive on the sustainable development that is fuelled by women empowerment. Let us not be restricted to equality-seeking, let’s practice what they preach. Let’s focus more on women acquiring assets.

Are you in?  If so, Join us at www.womenacquiringassets.org