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Hi Guys,

We spend so much money as women on exercise, diet, makeup, hair, clothes and you name it. We do it all to:

  • Raise and maintain our self-esteem
  • Look good to ourselves in the mirror
  • Maintain as much youthfulness as possible
  • Make other women jealous (lol).
  • Keep our husband/man looking at us with that “I want you look.”

There’s nothing wrong with that.  But do you know that if there isn’t down time in our daily lives, bad stuff can happen.  Emotional health is just as essential to the body as diet and exercise.  Without it stress, depression, and other emotional and physical conditions invade the body and mind.  Who wants to be depressed?  Who wants heart conditions and other ailments?  None of us do.  

me time, 3D rendering, a yellow road sign

A long time ago a well-meaning woman told me to just go on and forget about yourself. But it wasn’t long before that same woman had a nervous breakdown from forgetting about herself.  

Me time is essential and it doesn’t cost a lot to have it.  If you’re no good to yourself, you can be much good to anyone else, especially those you love.  Make sure that one of the people you love is yourself. 

Here’s to Me Time!

Click this link and read an article in Psychology Today about me time:  




C. Renee 




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