Objective & Methodology

Objective & Methodology


  • pursue higher, deeper thinking required to activate full potential and not only be inspired, but also committed to stop simply surviving, but earnestly live.
  • learn that nurturing and incorporating various areas of wellness propels a Women to reach maximum ‘Wealth’ potential in all aspects of her Lifestyle.
  • learn the importance of nurturing key areas of wellness as a vital pathway to making sound and sustainable lifestyle choices.
  • identify and develop long-lasting viable Relationships that result in successful desired outcomes and fulfills dreams.
  • to create collaborative relationships, necessary, for Inflection Point occurrences utilizing coaches, consultants and counselors to unleash latent potential.
  • spend dedicated time educating themselves on available resources, information and sharing.
  • ultimately unharnessed the power of action-logic that makes the invisible visible, moves hearts, and changes minds propelling Women to seize opportunities which would otherwise go untapped.
  • learn how to take better care of themselves; and take time for themselves


WIP events and collaborative relationships will cultivate result-driven strategies that facilitate ‘Inflection Point’ occurrences that propels a Woman to reach her maximum potential in all areas of life.  Educating and heightening the awareness and importance of nurturing various key dimensions of wellness is a vital pathway to reach one’s full potential.  WIP’s core is based on three (3) of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Basic Needs’  theory:  (1) Food, (2) Shelter and (3) Self Actualization.

The platform is designed to pause the treadmill of life for a 1.5 day to host Women from all cultures to trigger Inflection Point Occurrences that result in necessary Tipping Point execution.  The theory is to help women learn that nurturing and balancing these areas of wellness supports a stronger “Woman” and propels her to reach maximum ‘Wealth’ potential in all aspects of her Life.