Haley Ahart Keiffer

Haley Ahart Keiffer


Gaining ground as one of the most powerful and influential female executives today, Haley Ahart-Keiffer let’s it be known that women who hold key positions in their companies are becoming the new normal and not the exception. As President of Ahart Solutions International, Mrs. Ahart-Keiffer joins an exclusive list of women like Sheryl Sandberg, COO (Facebook, Inc), Pam Murphy, COO (Infor Global Solutions, Inc.), Marne Levine, COO (Instagram, Inc) and others who have been tasked with maintaining their companies’ global operations. Mrs. Ahart-Keiffer and her peers are proving that juggling family and career is not only possible but rewarding on a level that their male counterparts seldom experience.

Ahart Solutions International operates a healthcare consortium based out of Dubai, Hong Kong and USA, a system that utilizes mobile green technology and can provide healthcare services anywhere in the world. “Providing healthcare solutions has always been a passion of mine and so I traded my heels for boots, dug in and did what I had to for it to become a reality”, said Mrs. Ahart-Kieffer.  “I have daughters and I need them to know that they can accomplish anything they desire if they apply themselves and push through. It may not be easy; however, it is possible.”

In spite of her busy schedule, Mrs. Ahart-Keiffer co-founded “Macy’s Miracles”, a special needs entrepreneurial and mentorship non-profit in honor of her daughter, Macy. Mrs. Ahart-Keiffer’s other titles include, Executive Director of Mississippi based non-profit, “Millions Against Bullying”, and Director of Sister Cities Abu Dhabi-Houston. Mrs. Ahart-Keiffer was featured and honored in Houston’s “International Focus Magazine” for her International work in creating a virtual bridge for business and other initiatives. Mrs. Ahart-Keiffer’s professional network comprises a host of Dignitaries, Public Figures, Politicians, and Royal Families from around the globe. “Establishing the right connections is key for conducting business not only in the United States but internationally,” stated Mrs. Ahart-Keiffer. She added “Few understand the idiosyncrasies, customs, and plain old simple do’s and don’ts. This is where I felt I will be able to assist companies who would like to expand their businesses into Dubai and other regions of around the world.”

Mrs. Ahart-Keiffer understands the value of foresting her relationships and building prestigious levels of excellence with her connections. In addition to her global mogul status, Mrs. Ahart-Keiffer has had the honor of empowering and inspiring woman across the globe. She has sat on several international speaking panels and has had the honor to be the keynote speaker for some of the greatest organizations. Mrs. Ahart-Keiffer has been able to expand her platform from business, motivational speaker, and pageant title holder.